With craftsmanship and attention to the sensorial balance between ingredients of high quality, we create a new range of spreads for consumers looking for new emotions, taste and palate pleasure.

The fulfilling sensoriality of these spreads lies in their traditional flavors, or in the exotic ones such as pecan or macadamia, an extraordinary instrument to conquer new consumers.

Nutrafood offers to your business a cream incomparably fluid and enveloping in the mouth.

We formulate them in a wide range of flavours so you should create your own gourmet line, but rich in healthy properties.

Spreads created ad hoc for you range from conventional or lactose-free formulations to hypoallergenic ones, giving a unique sensory impact and taste.

Are you looking for a really new spread? Our butters are incredibly fresh, delicious and full of wholesome goodness. We can create them with almond, cashew, macadamia, nut, pecan, pistachio.

Which ones do you prefer?