Vegetable drinks

Vegetable Drinks

From our thirty-year experience on almonds, we have developed a sound know-how on vegetable milks, from almond milk to soy, sunflower seeds, coconut milks and many others…
With an international vision in the market of vegetable drinks, we support our customers in identifying the right profile for the desired beverage, and its focus market.
Our expertise extends across different types of private label or tailored made vegetable drinks:

  • functional, organic and wellness beverages
  • drinks for vegetarians and vegans
  • drinks for people intolerant to lactose, or gluten free for people suffering from celiac disease;
  • drinks without sugar, but with stevia, agave, honey or other sweetener;

From the world of oilseeds and cereals, a variety of appealing drinks to captivate your audience: from almond milk to soy milk, from coconut milk to sunflower seeds milk, with cocoa, vanilla or fruit, ...