Our ethos


Create innovative, natural and delicious food solutions that emphasize the beneficial properties of almond, oil seeds and nuts, to provide quality, health and nutritional benefits.


We want to offer health and pleasure through food.
We wish to build a better world for future generations by offering healthy food and creative solutions that meet customers’ expectations in strict adherence to ethical principles of healthy nutrition and well-being.


Our philosophy is based on a simple concept: to produce healthy and delicious food. When we choose a food, we must not compromise. This is our starting point. We want to produce food that meet the spirit, gratify the palate, help us live in a healthy way.


Commitment - We believe in excellence. We work hard to make everything to the highest levels of service for our customers, partners, employees.

Quality – We work with high quality standards. We believe in the added value we can offer to customers with the sartorial care we put into every project.

Service – We provide excellent service with constant commitment. We are flexible and ready to earn our customers’ loyalty by exceeding their expectations, and working better than our competitors.

We believe in people - We believe that people make the difference.

Team Work – The team is stronger and more effective than the single individuals. Our team works together to increase our and your chances of success.

Environment: We are attentive to environmental impact. We support social activities carried out in co-existence with the natural environment.

Nutrafood has adopted its etichal policy in compliance with the ETI code of SEDEX/SMETA . Click here to read the full ethical policy. .